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The V.I.P Discount


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We regularly offer:  


•A price drop on selected items

•A percentage off every order

•A percentage off selected products

•Free shipping on deliveries

•Seasonal promotions


Redeeming vouchers


This is how you use a voucher code:


•Go to your shopping basket

•Just below the list of your items, you will find an entry field: Voucher code'

•Now enter the voucher code

•Click on 'Click to redeem your voucher' – the total amount at the bottom will change

•Click on 'Proceed to checkout' to place your order


Note – you can only use one voucher code for each order. You can always remove the voucher which you have used.
















The V.I.P Elite


We currently offer exclusive items to a select clientele.


At JackFresh.com we pride ourselves on working with, supporting,

and designing products for clients who are established or upcoming.


The designs we offer the VIP Elite will be unavailable to the general public for a specific

amount of time, some products may never be reproduced depending on our relationship.


We currently support entertainers, beauty models, artists, DJ's and More.


If you would like to join, or have a recommendation for our V.I.P Elite,

please fill in the form below and we will consider your application.


We will contact you subject to availability.


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