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JF Statue: Luxe Bomber Jacket



This exclusive handmade bomber jacket has the JF Statue motif in black and white placed boldly across on the front, back and arms of the garment. The JF Statue is a piece of art inspired by England's heritage. Statues have been created by sculptors and placed around England for centuries; they are known to represent divine beings and legendary characters in acts of heroism, love and victory.


• Light weight
• Unisex design; suited to both men and women
• Mens sizing
• 100% Polyester with lining
• Black ribbing,
• Full front zipper closure
• Zip up front
• Two lined welt pockets at front.

More information:

This unique piece of work is handmade to order and may take 1-3 weeks for delivery.

Perfection is patient.

Please choose the correct size