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JF Repeated-Motif: Bomber Jacket



This exclusive handmade bomber jacket has a classic shape and is lightweight; originally designed for US Air Force pilots, the bomber jacket is a cool classic which will never go out of style. The simple shape of this classic jacket oozes coolness and makes it an ideal piece to wear daily; this garment features the JF motif as a repeated pattern and looks great when teamed with jeans or chinos.

The back of this bomber jacket will mirror the front; it has white collar, cuffs, hem, zipper and lining. The body is 100% nylon; lining is 100% nylon, and the ribbing is 100% cotton.


• Light weight
• Tissue Nylon
• Black ribbing,
• Slight padding
• Zip up front and side pockets.
• The inside is adorned with straps to carry.

More information:

This unique piece of work is handmade to order and may take 1-3 weeks for delivery.

Perfection is patient.

Please choose the correct size