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We are pleased to announce that we have now teamed up with DJ Lady Duracell (founder of LadyDuracell.com and WeGetLifted.com) to bring you a limited line of specially designed apparel.  Not only will we be showcasing the

"We Get Lifted" brand, we have also introduced Lady Duracell to new concepts within the Jack Fresh FX team.


Lady Duracell AKA The Queen Of Funk has played in many clubs including Koko, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, Cross, Canvas, and Egg (to name a few) and is currently well known for her impeccable DJ mixes consistently reaching #1 in the Podomatic house music charts which can be viewed & downloaded HERE.


The DJ mixes are impeccable, the music selection is impeccable, and let us be the first to tell you that her choice in apparel design is also impeccable.


Together with the creative input from DJ Lady Duracell, we have now launched a wider range of product designs perfect for the retro, house, and city individual via our Jack Fresh FX Collection.


We asked Lady Duracell why she decided to work with our design team, she told us;


“The days of plain white t-shirts are well and truly over, nowadays we want something more, something different, something fresh. The Jack Fresh collaboration made perfect sense to me”.


At Jack Fresh we make statements with the clothes we design; we do it for the people and the culture.


Working with Lady Duracell is a complete pleasure.







To view Lady Duracell’s full bio & more, you can visit http://www.ladyduracell.com


DJ Lady Duracell





Jack Fresh FX Collection


Our aim is to bring you the very best designs by forming partnerships with forward thinking, creative, enthusiastic and passionate people.


It’s now time for you to meet...

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To view Lady Duracell’s "We Get Lifted" apparel, in conjuction with Jack Fresh & Co.