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By The Jack Fresh Team, Nov 25 2015 04:00PM

Don't forget the Penguins!

If you're a parent of young children, you would have possibly seen the film Penguins of Madagascar, and without a doubt you would have fallen a little bit in love with these cute waddling birds. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of these flightless, aquatic birds are an endangered species. The effects of climate change has had a detrimental effect on these beautiful birds, who depend on sea ice for access to food & places to breed.

Penguins are expert swimmers, and there are between 17-19 different species, whose habitat is primarily in the Southern Hemisphere. The only one found North of the Equator, is the Galapogos Penguin. The largest of them is the Emperor Penguin, standing at 1.1m tall, and the smallest one aptly named Little Penguin stands at around 33cm.

A 2008 WWF study estimated that 50% of the Emperor penguins, and 75% of the Adelie penguins, will decline or disappear if global average temperatures rise about pre-industrial levels by just 2 degrees C. A scenario that could possibly be reached in less than 40 years.

To raise awareness and help celebrate penguins around the world we would like you to view our penguin t-shirt from our Wildlife collection, we hope to make you smile and spread love to one of our favourite little friends.

If you love penguins and would like to raise awareness, be sure to view our penguin designed T-Shirt and keep these two dates for the future:

"Penguin Awareness Day" is January 20th.

"World Penguin Day" is April 25th.

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Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Aug 13 2015 07:37PM

1. Find out what time your favourite DJ is playing on the radio.

2. Grab your Casio watch and set the alarm clock accordingly.

3. Select one blank cassette tape and place it inside the cassette player.

4. Have all of the snacks & drinks you will ever need close by.

5. Place one finger above the play button and one finger above the record button.

6. Be still, wait, and listen like a ninja in the night.

7. When you hear the first little sound of a song you like, push play + record.

8. Send good vibes, hope, and pray that the DJ don’t talk!

9. Stop, rewind, re position and be thankful when the song has finished.

10. Repeat the process until the DJ goes home.

While the 80's & 90's trends have made a huge comeback within fashion, for some reason we can’t quite see this method of getting free music making a return anytime soon. Getting the music for free was fun, but having to sit there with a pencil winding the tape back in if it started to unravel, was not so fun.

Nowadays we would much rather download from iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, etc, but one thing you can’t beat is a good memory!

For more good memories select your gender as we take you back to the future of fashion:




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