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By The Jack Fresh Team, Dec 21 2015 07:05PM

At the Jack Fresh HQ, we're all wondering the same thing; Where's the party at? Ok.. if you've seen our previous blog, you already know where the party is, we have some good choices. Some of us are still deciding though. If like us you've had a busy year, then you're probably looking forward to getting on the dancefloor as well. Some of us will break dance, cut shapes and shuffle into the new year, while others will probably end up somewhere they don't want to be simply bopping their head with that "What am i doing here?" look on their face. Well, no matter where you end up on NYE, the main thing is that you do it in style.

New year, new me... ermmmm said that one before, and didn't change much. So this time, what i will say is, new year, new clothes.. now that's something I can stick to!

So here comes that age-old question. What am I going to wear?! Jack Fresh have always got you covered, just take a browse through our range, we're confident that we have something for everyone. From a classic look to The Wild Life, and everything in between, and don't forget to take a look at the new Get Lifted collections! Perfect for clubbing, and music lovers everywhere!

Big thanks from the Jack Fresh team, to everyone that has supported us along our journey this year. Have a great NYE! Expect more designs, more discounts, and a very special announcement. If you haven't done it already, take a minute to subscribe.

Stay Fresh!

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Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Dec 16 2015 06:00PM

Jack Fresh associate, DJ Lady Duracell, is celebrating a whole decade of her Get Lifted parties & mixes! We wanted to help her celebrate by bringing you a contemporary fresh look to the Get Lifted collection. Alongside the sweaters and tees, we've added some super soft organic hoodies, and new snapbacks and beanies to keep you warm through the winter.

We didn't stop there though. To capture the essence and vibe of Get Lifted, we've created 'The Soul', 'The Passion', 'The Action', 'The Excuse', 'The Companion', 'The Instruction', and 'The Wisdom' alongside the original concept 'The Logo'. These music-related t-shirts, hoodies & snapbacks will appeal to music lovers everywhere. Trying to find a birthday or Christmas present? They'll make a great unique gift!

Get Lifted apparel

For blog considerations, email: [email protected]

Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Jul 4 2015 08:50PM

You're in Eivissa, you've been on the beach all day topping up your tan & sipping your Hierbas. As you watch the sunset, the atmosphere changes & all that's on your mind is where to get your groove on. Where to Jack Fresh! Here's the Jack Fresh top 3.

Saturday 4th July 2015

Hed Kandi return to Ibiza for a summer-long residency in the beautiful Es Paradis, with a brand new theme - Tropical Nights.


Alice Rose

Ben Santiago

The Lovely Laura (sax)

Tribalik (percussion)

Head over to Pure Pacha for this week's 'Paris By Night' Theme that Bob Sinclar is bringing in

sexy French style!

Main Room

Bob Sinclar

Basement Jaxx

Sam Feldt

John Jacobsen

Global Room

Mucho Muchacho

Funky Room

Angel Linde


If that's not enough for you, Hard Times is at Privilege. This is the legendary house

music label and party that introduced artists such as Roger Sanchez, David Morales & Todd Terry,

and are one of the true pioneers of house music back in the 90s.

DJ Sneak

Junior Sanchez

Ramon Tapia

Mat Playford

Louis Bailey

There's a rumour that Jack Fresh has already been spotted on the beach this year! If you're wearing any of our Jack Fresh tees or snapbacks etc, on the beaches or clubs of Ibiza this year, send us a photo!

Email [email protected]


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