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By The Jack Fresh Team, Aug 13 2015 07:37PM

1. Find out what time your favourite DJ is playing on the radio.

2. Grab your Casio watch and set the alarm clock accordingly.

3. Select one blank cassette tape and place it inside the cassette player.

4. Have all of the snacks & drinks you will ever need close by.

5. Place one finger above the play button and one finger above the record button.

6. Be still, wait, and listen like a ninja in the night.

7. When you hear the first little sound of a song you like, push play + record.

8. Send good vibes, hope, and pray that the DJ don’t talk!

9. Stop, rewind, re position and be thankful when the song has finished.

10. Repeat the process until the DJ goes home.

While the 80's & 90's trends have made a huge comeback within fashion, for some reason we can’t quite see this method of getting free music making a return anytime soon. Getting the music for free was fun, but having to sit there with a pencil winding the tape back in if it started to unravel, was not so fun.

Nowadays we would much rather download from iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, etc, but one thing you can’t beat is a good memory!

For more good memories select your gender as we take you back to the future of fashion:




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By The Jack Fresh Team, Jul 16 2015 04:56PM

It's that time of the week when we take it back to the old skool!

Our retro tee of the week is the retro mixtape t-shirt, from the Jack Fresh FX Collection. If music is a massive thing in your life, you will love this one.

Email [email protected] your pics of you wearing Jack Fresh, or for any news & info that you would like to be considered for a future blog.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Jul 4 2015 02:25PM

WOW! What an amazing time, this festival is most definitely the place to be.

I may have started off the day by thinking about, over crowded trains, misplacing items, and possibly being separated from friends, but that feeling was soon replaced with pure excitement when looking at the line up; knowing I would see artists such as Maverick Sabre, Collie Buddz, Duke Dumont, A$AP Rocky, Major Lazer, Labrinth, Nero, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Joey Bada$$, and Drake, took my excitement from 0 to 100 real quick! And they were just a few of the artists performing at wireless on Fri 3rd July.

I used to ask questions like, is wireless festival good? Is wireless festival safe? But now I’m asking questions like, when is the next wireless festival? And who’s coming with me?

Oh, and if I forgot to mention, not only was Jack Fresh at the event, the Jack Fresh T-Shirt displaying a Retro Mixtape was also spotted near the main stage.

If you have any photographs of yourself wearing yours at any events, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

If you are planning on going to the wireless event, whether you are buying any of the last remaining tickets, or have your ticket already, have a fantastic day, and don’t forget to Jack Fresh!.


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