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By The Jack Fresh Team, Dec 16 2015 06:00PM

Jack Fresh associate, DJ Lady Duracell, is celebrating a whole decade of her Get Lifted parties & mixes! We wanted to help her celebrate by bringing you a contemporary fresh look to the Get Lifted collection. Alongside the sweaters and tees, we've added some super soft organic hoodies, and new snapbacks and beanies to keep you warm through the winter.

We didn't stop there though. To capture the essence and vibe of Get Lifted, we've created 'The Soul', 'The Passion', 'The Action', 'The Excuse', 'The Companion', 'The Instruction', and 'The Wisdom' alongside the original concept 'The Logo'. These music-related t-shirts, hoodies & snapbacks will appeal to music lovers everywhere. Trying to find a birthday or Christmas present? They'll make a great unique gift!

Get Lifted apparel

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Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Jul 12 2015 05:00PM

This week's set of the week goes to the one & only BLACK COFFEE, as streamed @ Mixmag Live on 11th July 2015.

Black Coffee on Facebook.

Mixmag on Facebook.

Jack Fresh associate, Lady Duracell has been following the career of this South African DJ and producer for many years, and she told us; "Black Coffee turned me on to the deep afro house music sounds of SA, literally! The first vinyl record of his that I ever had, was 'Kwanele' followed by 'Turn Me On' Black Coffee feat. Bucie, before it's digital release. This track was a defining moment for house music in the UK. One of it's big supporters was Mario Cee & some select London DJs. We helped pave the way for this sound to push through, it was easy to love, and for me, that love is still there 100%. He's a true pioneer who has gained the respect of fans of his music, with his deep & soulful dj sets, and quality productions."

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