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By The Jack Fresh Team, Dec 3 2015 04:04PM

8 Great Christmas gift ideas for all the Family

It's that time of year again when we're thinking about buying gifts, and to help you out, we have come up with 8 gift ideas that all the family could enjoy.

1. Juicer

A juicer or smoothie maker is something that everyone would enjoy! We all like to make those New Year resolutions to keep healthy, and a juicer will definately help you to achieve just that. Prices start at around £15 for a very basic one, up to several hundred pounds for top of the range!

2. Hoverboard

There's currently a big demand for these self-balancing boards, that retail for around £300. They come in a multitude of colours, with customisable LED Lighting, and some of them even have built-in bluetooth audio speaker systems.

3. Headphones

Headphones would make a great present for all the family, and a price range for every type of budget. Something every serious music lover would love.

4. Unique T-shirt

Looking for a present for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Step outside the box, and choose one of our unique T-shirts. Jack Fresh have a big selection of clothes for all the family! Have a look at our Wildlife Collection for super cute gifts for your loved ones.

5. Google Chromecast

Plug into your TV's HDMI Port and stream YouTube, Netflix, and other entertainment apps using your smartphone, tablet or laptop as a remote.

6. Moto 360 watch

The world's first fully customisable smart watch, design your own with their online design studio. It works with Android and iPhone, and has Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity.

7. Camera

When it comes to camera's, there's so much to choose from. For young kids, a throwaway camera to take pics over the holidays would be perfect. Teenagers would probably appreciate one of the new Poloroid Instamatic cameras that come in cute colours like pink and blue. On the other end of the scale, a DLSR camera for the serious photographer or blogger, with the added bonus of a huge range of accessories for future gift ideas.

8. Bag

Looking for a practical gift? You won't go wrong with a new bag! Jack Fresh has a selection of bags for every member of the family. Our quality bags are suitable for school & college, for taking to the gym, or a weekend away. Have a look!

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Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Nov 25 2015 04:00PM

Don't forget the Penguins!

If you're a parent of young children, you would have possibly seen the film Penguins of Madagascar, and without a doubt you would have fallen a little bit in love with these cute waddling birds. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of these flightless, aquatic birds are an endangered species. The effects of climate change has had a detrimental effect on these beautiful birds, who depend on sea ice for access to food & places to breed.

Penguins are expert swimmers, and there are between 17-19 different species, whose habitat is primarily in the Southern Hemisphere. The only one found North of the Equator, is the Galapogos Penguin. The largest of them is the Emperor Penguin, standing at 1.1m tall, and the smallest one aptly named Little Penguin stands at around 33cm.

A 2008 WWF study estimated that 50% of the Emperor penguins, and 75% of the Adelie penguins, will decline or disappear if global average temperatures rise about pre-industrial levels by just 2 degrees C. A scenario that could possibly be reached in less than 40 years.

To raise awareness and help celebrate penguins around the world we would like you to view our penguin t-shirt from our Wildlife collection, we hope to make you smile and spread love to one of our favourite little friends.

If you love penguins and would like to raise awareness, be sure to view our penguin designed T-Shirt and keep these two dates for the future:

"Penguin Awareness Day" is January 20th.

"World Penguin Day" is April 25th.

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Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Nov 12 2015 08:24PM

From fashion and photography, to vinyl revival, everywhere we look, we're seeing flashbacks to the 70's. The predominant look this season is big bold retro prints & floral dresses, in corduroy, suede, cotton and lots of lush velvet. If you're not looking to go full-on bohemian chic though, you could always try a more minimalist vibe. Choose some key pieces for your wardrobe by following our 5 fashion tips.

1. Long Sleeve skinny tops.

This is the look to go for! Think back to the classic TV adverts when independent women first hit our screens, and you should know exactly what we're talking about. Long sleeve skinny tops, with oversized sweaters just screams 70's retro style.

2. Oversized sweatshirts.

There's no better trend for the winter than a big oversized sweater; snuggle up in your favourite sweaters, layered over your favourite long sleeve t-shirt for that all important cosy factor.

3. Flares.

Love them or hate them, there's no escaping them! Flared jeans are back in the public eye, it's now time to dig deep into that wardrobe, kindly ask a relative, or order a fresh new pair or flares, mix and match with our tees and sweatshirts, and you're almost ready to go!

4. Tassles & fringing.

This major trend sees tassles on bags & boots, and fringing on poncho's, capes & jumpers; go ahead be creative and add your personal touch to one of our retro or shoulder bags.

5. Over the knee boots.

Pretty much every winter, the hype of over the knee boots is really strong, and this year is no exception. This season the trend is for a more subtle and feminine look, with soft suedes in light grey or cream.

For more fashion tips be sure to look through our blog site, and to mix and match your 70's fashion be sure to check out our classic and solo range.

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Jack Fresh Team.

By The Jack Fresh Team, Nov 6 2015 03:35PM

This week we highlight the current Top 10 of none other than the much loved Louie Vega.

A godfather of global dance music, Louie Vega has painted an award-winning career from a palette mixed with everything from salsa and afro-beat, to jazz, hip-hop and soul. What distinguishes the Grammy winner and 4-time nominee as one of the best living house music deejays is his ability to evolve alongside the times, distill the current musical landscape through his unique taste and put his own timeless spin on it. “Little” Louie Vega, as he is sometimes affectionately known, was born in the Bronx into a musically gifted family (his father, a jazz saxophonist, and his uncle, Salsa King Héctor Lavoe). The “Little” moniker is ironic, given the fact that by the 80s he was deejaying at clubs he wasn’t even old enough to attend, holding residencies at Studio 54, Devil’s Nest, Hearthrob, Roseland, and the Palladium. Soon Vega was producing his own remixes, which included Information Society’s “Running”, Noel’s “Silent Morning” and Debbie Gibson’s “Only in my Dreams”. Then in 1991 he joined Atlantic Records—and hit the mainstream. Teaming with an-up-and-coming Marc Anthony, he helped to produce “Ride on the Rhythm”. An immediate hit, the single put Vega and Anthony on the map. The duo would rock the club circuit, with their success culminating when they opened for Tito Puente at his 100 Album concert at Madison Square Garden.

Full bio ...

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Jack Fresh Team

By The Jack Fresh Team, Sep 27 2015 09:19PM

10 reasons to love fashion this autumn.

1. The colours. From deep reds all the way through to winter whites, & every beautiful autumnal shade in between. Have a look at Top 5 fashion tips for 2015.

2. Layering. Don't underestimate layering for an easy way to keep warm & cosy. Put on a t-shirt and sweater & rock that layered preppy look.

3. Boots. Get last year's boots out of storage, or treat yourself to a new pair. Chelsea boots & over the knee boots, are bang on trend. You just can't beat a good pair of boots for pulling together your autumnal look.

4. Hoodies. It's time for those oversized hoodies paired with your favourite joggers or leggings. Or throw on over a t-shirt, and team with your favourite jeans for a casual super comfy weekend outfit.

5. Scarves. This practical item becomes so much more fun in the autumn. Create a fashion statement with a pop of colour to your outfit, or even bring a minimal look to life with big bold patterns.

6. Hats. From beanies to snapbacks, hats add that cool touch to your outfit, and are an absolute essential for A/W.

7. Bags. Why do you need a new bag in Autumn? Just because you always need a new bag. It's the fashion law!

8. Coats. Oversized maxi coats, & military style trench coats are all over the high street this season. Or put on a funky jacket and really stand out.

9. Instagram ready. With the falling leaves & the beautiful colours of autumn, in the background of your photos, your #OOTD and look books are going to be on point.

10. It's a great excuse to update your wardrobe. Like you really need an excuse?

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Jack Fresh Team.


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