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What colours do I wear for autumn & winter? Top 5 fashion tips for 2015

By The Jack Fresh Team, Sep 14 2015 03:53PM

What colours do I wear for autumn & winter? Top 5 fashion tips for 2015.

Every year, the same questions; What colours are on trend? Where can I buy clothes for men, women & kids? For Autumn/Winter you're going to see beautiful, earthy colours with a splash of boldness, here's our Top 5 fashion tips for this season.

1. Green. One of the hottest trends this year, from the natural cool tones of Olive Green, to the somewhat grey-toned shades of Sage Green, with it's neutral, very organic earthiness.

2. Burgundy. This rich deep red always invokes thoughts of this time of year, and has remained a popular colour in fashion for quite some years. Along with all the berry tones, It's almost an essential staple for your winter wardrobe.

3. Winter White. On the other end of the spectrum, and one that we had to include in this list for when you feel the need to brighten up your style on a cold day. It 's a good way of pulling your look together.

4. Grey. As well as being high on the list of must-have fashion colourways, it's also such a good dependable strong yet luxurious shade that you can depend on to give you a timeless look.

5. Teal. That in-between green & blue colour that keeps on giving. It's an elegant colour that will keep reminding you of summer gone, in a good way. Add a touch of Winter White for contrast, and you will look on point this season.

You'll also find some bold colours among these more muted shades, including burnt orange, and even some pastel blues & pinks. Try teaming an organic Jack Fresh hoodie, with a cool t-shirt. Experiment & have fun with your winter wardrobe!

Have a look at what we've got in store for more inspiration.

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Jack Fresh Team


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