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About Us


Jack Fresh is an independent clothing brand established in London, UK. We are currently working with certified fair trade manufacturers in different parts of the world, including Germany, USA and Brazil.


JackFresh.com has taken the importance of customer satisfaction to a new level and has expanded into the co-branding market allowing us to offer you more than ever before.


We are focused on bringing you fresh designs, quality products, and an excellent service; we only work with trusted production, distribution, and delivery companies.


Today, Jack Fresh offers up-to-date fashion that works for everyone. We offer you the best in smart to casual crossover styles for men, women, children and babies. If you’re looking for what to wear at the office, a restaurant, school, university, a bar, dance class, bike riding etc; the answer is JackFresh.com.


The Classic and Solo range are most popular amongst clientele shopping for smart apparel; take a journey into real style and revamp your wardrobe with these two ranges, they are perfect for men & women’s Polo shirts, for men’s V-necks, and for women’s Boat Neck tops. If you would like a glimpse into the smart and stylish side of Jack Fresh you could start by clicking a logo selection of your choice below:


















The Dynamic and FX Collection range are most popular amongst customers seeking a casual look; these styles are perfect for men, women & children seeking Joggers, Jumpers and T-Shirts. If you want to stand out from the crowd, take a trip into the bold and unique world of Jack Fresh by shopping at:















Classic Dynamic FX Solo



FX Collection